Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an Installment Loan?
    Installment loans allow you to make scheduled payments that will stay at the same amount over the life of the loan with the possible exception of the last payment which might vary slightly.
  2. When will my loan be due?
    Your payments for your loan will be on the dates shown on your payment schedule in your loan agreement. We encourage our customers to pay back the loan as soon as they can or to make additional payments to reduce the overall cost of the loan. There are no prepayment penalties for early pay off.
  3. What are the repayment options on my loan?
    You can choose to pay your loan back via electronic funds transfer from your bank account (ACH, Debit Card) or by mailing a money order or certified/cashier’s check to us at PO Box 330, Hays MT, 59527. If paying by mail, please remember to allow at least five days mailing time to ensure that your payment is received by your payment due date to avoid incurring any late fees. Please note that your bank or financial institution may charge an additional fee to process a cashier’s check / money order.
  4. How can I reduce the overall cost of my loan?
    We offer numerous options to reduce the cost of your loan. We strongly recommend that you pay off your loan as soon as possible.
    • Pay off your loan in full at any time. There are no prepayment penalties.
    • Make additional payments towards your loan to reduce your principal balance and subsequent payments.
  5. How will I know if I’m approved?
    One of our Loan Specialists will contact you and/or you will receive an email notification to contact us to complete the application process.
  6. What if I can’t make my payment on my due date?
    You may request a 5 day courtesy extension of your due date with no additional fee. This option is available once per loan. You can also contact customer service at (800) 986-1962 for other options available to you.